We Are All Treaty People

We tried to put eloquent and insightful words together for everyone who participated, supported and followed the challenge, but fell short. To say we are overwhelmed with gratitude is an understatement. So many have shared all sorts of unbelievable, yet believable “signs”. Those, to us, are very real.


This dandelion, right next to an ugly old thistle, sort of says it all for me. The yellow that continues to survive, no matter the odds against it, finds a way to live. 

It makes me think again about the two little kids, Wes and Tessa, from Battleford who lost their lives this month. It makes me think about a conversation with Chris Beaudry about the words ‘response’ and ‘responsibility’ and how he pointed out that the two go hand in hand. Northern Lights Movement For Kids is all about building relationships, making connections and serving others. Yes, on a personal level, it’s about Jacob and the 29 on the bus. Of course, it is. But it’s also about the many lives lost in First Nations and Métis communities, that go unnoticed or are attached to something tragic on a level that is beyond understanding. Whether we believe or not that we are part of the ugly racial tension that happens everywhere, including Saskatchewan, every single one of us living here has a responsibility to be part of the positive change that can and needs to occur. I firmly believe that we are all part of a bigger plan – and it’s a good one. We have the choice to get on board. We’re the dandelions folks. The thistles are the ugly things that bring us down as a human race.

We love you for joining this Challenge in any way that you could. We love Bailey for the idea and all of her work. We are always open to more ideas from all of you! This is just the beginning.

Happy Canada Day from the Leicht house to yours! ??

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