We Are All Treaty People

Contributors & Acknowledgments

Many thanks to all of those who have contributed or participated in making Northern Lights Movement for Kids what it is today. Although we know we may miss saying thanks along the way, please know we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your efforts to those who have, and will, continue to contribute to The Movement.

  • St. Dominic School, St. Augustine School, Humboldt Public School, Humboldt Collegiate Institute – students and staff
  • Ducharme Elementary School and Dene High School, La Loche –  students and staff
  • Karmen Enns, Teacher, Ducharme Elementary School, La Loche, SK
    • Liaison between St. Dominic School, Humboldt and Ducharme Elementary School, La Loche
  • Toni Eichhorn, Social Worker, Dene High School, La Loche, SK
    • Liaison between St. Augustine and St. Dominic Schools, Humboldt and Dene High School, La Loche
  • Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools for providing time, encouragement and support
  • Cornelia Laliberte, FNMI Consultant, Greater Saskatoon School Division
  • Dawn Goosen, Photography Teacher at Humboldt Collegiate Institute of Humboldt, SK and Dre Erwin, Psych Nurse and Founder of Pinehouse Photography Club, Pinehouse, SK
    • My Sky is Your Sky is Our Sky
  •  Bailey Braden, Teacher
    • Creator of 111 km Challenge
  • Minister Donna Harpauer, MLA, Government of Saskatchewan
  • Dawson Atamanchuk
    • For taking us on an adventure and capturing a photo of us under the northern lights near our home (Home Page Image)
  • Branden Engele, Designer
  • BoltFM, DiscoverHumboldt.com, Humboldt Journal